Homemade Natural Baby Shampoo

Homemade Natural Baby Shampoo

We often hear suggestions regarding skipping commercial shampoos from supermarkets. They have many additives included, which can be harmful to children and their soft hair. It seems a good idea to try homemade natural baby shampoo. It will help us avoid related issues like skin irritations and other serious problems triggered by artificially synthesized shampoos. You might wonder how good these homemade shampoos smell. You might want to have one for yourself too.

All moms concerned about chemically enriched shampoos and washes should consider to make non-toxic baby wash and shampoo. It will give them the leverage of feeling relaxed and tension-free about their children’s safety and allow them to make specially designed personalized shampoos.  It is straightforward to make it at home with abundantly available ingredients. In this post, we will discuss different ways to make all-natural shampoo at home to enhance your kid’s hygiene and personal care. In reality, this homemade shampoo for kids smells so good that you may want to use it on your hair as well!

natural baby shampoo

Why Use Homemade Natural Baby Shampoo

  • They are customizable, and you can increase or decrease ingredients according to your preferences.
  • They don’t have chemical ingredients and preservatives, or any other harmful substances.
  • They are highly affordable and accessible in the pocket.
  • They can be made with the least ingredients, like only three.

liquid soap

Ingredients required:

  • Liquid soap
  • Glycerine
  • Essential oil
  • Water

First of all, you will need to dilute liquid soap with water in an empty bottle. This is an essential step and cannot be skipped. Next comes glycerine which is optional but is highly recommended if your child likes a bubbly bath. Add few drops of essential oil like lavender oil to make it fragrant and refreshing. Mix it well; you are ready to go. This is our DIY natural baby shampoo recipe. Do not forget to share yours in the comments. Happy bathing 🙂