Cut Your Children’s Hair at Home

Cut Your Children’s Hair at Home

Your child’s hair seems to develop at an unprecedented rate at times, and you sound as though you’re constantly hitting the salon. Those haircuts will add up and become costly, so you may have considered doing the cut yourself. This can seem to be a difficult task, and you may believe that without extensive practice, you would struggle to give your child a salon-quality haircut. Nonetheless, you should cut your child’s hair yourself. The shortest haircuts are the simplest to master, do-it-yourself toddler haircut, but you should also learn how to trim short, medium, even long hair.

How to Cut Your Children’s Hair at Home?

First and foremost, do not attempt to innovate here. In other terms, rather than give your kid a home haircut that is entirely new, stick to a simple trim. “After all,” says celebrity hairstylist but also Biolage brand ambassador Sunnie Brook, “we’ve all had our painful childhood haircut accounts!” Consider the easy but horrifying bowl-shaped hairstyle your parents might have tried on you as a kid. However, before you begin, keep the following points in mind:

  • Make sure your hair is clean and dried until you cut it. But you will see how short you want to go. When it comes to cutting your hair, Brook says, “wet hair lies.”
  • Allow your child’s hair to air dry if it is wavy or curly, or blow-dry it comfortably if it is dense and clean. Before you go after the hair with shears, you want to see how it looks in its natural state.
  • Before putting your child in the improvised salon chair, grab a comb (preferably one with significant and fine teeth), a clip or scrunchie to segment the hair, some good scissors (or clippers), and even a towel for cleanup. You’ll want to get all of your equipment available to make the operation as fast and easy as possible.

  • Keep the kids occupied: In the stylist’s chair, your child can sit perfectly still. It’s a different matter at home. Children are used to racing about and not needing to wait still as you shoot at the shaggy fur. Ensure you have things to keep them occupied until you plop them inside the kitchen chair and pray; they sit there. You will take your time this way, and they will be more satisfied. Put on the CD player and listening to audiobooks or music as a community. Choose a few books and inspire them to read them. Print coloring sheets for them to color when getting their hair trimmed. To keep them entertained, consider allowing them to watch a tv show or consume a tasty snack. These minor distractions can help the haircut run even more smoothly.