Pros and Cons of Remote Learning for Kids

Pros and Cons of Remote Learning for Kids

People worldwide, regardless of social background, are struggling with the problem of allowing their kids to pursue their education amid the COVID-19 outbreak. As the kids, communities, and institutions prepare for the possibility that educational institutions will be shut and kids would be taking lessons remotely, everyone must understand the effects of remote learning on children. Let’s look at some of the benefits and disadvantages of distance learning within public school systems.

Pros and Cons of Remote Learning for Kids

Some of the benefits and drawbacks of remote learning for kids are below:


  • Freedom to Take A Break

For several kids, being able to sleep a bit longer, take toilet breaks if required, and taking snacks whenever they’re starving is a plus.  When children have to get up in the morning for a long drive to their school, they can become sleepy throughout the day and struggle to concentrate on their learning in the classroom.

  • Kids Can Take Time to Learn

In regular classes, all the kids have limited time to learn and understand the topic, and those kids who take time to understand things are neglected and could not compete with the ones who comprehend things quickly. In remote learning, even the slower kids can get plenty of time to understand the topic, and it eventually helps them get high grades in tests or exams.

  • Development of self-confidence

In most remote learning scenarios, children often solve problems independently because the teacher is not often around to address the questions right away. When a child works out and tackles a question alone, it boosts his trust and self-esteem.

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  • Absence of social interaction

When a kid learns at his home, he or she is isolated and cannot have the luxury of interacting with his or her friends, and without social interaction, a kid is unable to build confidence and social skills.

  • Mental Issues

Humans are social animals by birth, and being unable to socialize with buddies and interact with class fellows will lead to a loss of enthusiasm and profound depression. Children need to maintain a sense of sanity in their life, and for that purpose, you can plan their routines accordingly.