Teach Kids to Manage Their Own Screen Time

Teach Kids to Manage Their Own Screen Time

Today’s life is pretty different from the earlier one. It is fast and digital. But everything has its side effects if not balanced. Like the most commonly occurring issue in today’s digital life is to teach kids to manage their own screen time. Screen time can be healthy and beneficial for kids if kept under check but can also be hazardous simultaneously if not controlled. In this post, we will discuss different strategies to help manage kids’ screen time in general.

Start Limiting Your Child’s Screen Time in A Better Way

The only thing that helps in managing screen time with maximum effectiveness is “parenting”. let’s start with some general strategies:

  • Setting Rules: First and foremost is to put some rules like nobody can watch TV while having lunch, prior permission is necessary before using a screen for kids, Sundays are family days, so no screens are allowed. Once rules are set, make sure you follow these rules to set an example.
  • Strictly Following Routines: When children are in a routine, they are less likely to make a fuss. For example, after school time, kids need to rest a little or play outside, etc., are free for screen time only between 4 to 5 pm.
  • Give Choices: Perhaps the easiest way to make your kids cooperate is to give them choices. What do you prefer in your screen time, a TV program, or you want to play a video game? It makes them feel “we are doing what we want to do.”

How to Make Your Child Conscious about Screen Time?

It is essential to teach kids to manage their own screen time. Talk to them about its overuse. Talk to them about the content they are watching. When they are well aware of the problems and benefits of screen time, they will be in a better position to handle it on their own sooner or later.